Conscious Living Retreats

We bring intrinsically curated programs/events for our tribe that are backed by Science , Spirituality and Systems.

We bring in some of the world’s best learnings that have been curated for entrepreneurs and working professionals. 

Our programs have been fundamentally designed to help you benefit in every aspect of your life like Health, Financial, Emotional, Mental, Intellectual, Spiritual, Relationships, Career, High Performance, Lifestyle, Life vision and more.  We help you deep dive into all aspects and trigger massive transformations within you. Conscious Living teaches the things that are actually most needed for an amazing life.

Conscious Living Retreats are for bringing Peak Performance, Happiness, Clarity, Fulfillment and a Sense of Belonging in ones life. Conscious Living programs have limited spots to bring massive breakthroughs and an authentic experience for each one of them.

Upcoming Retreats

REINVENT Yourself 2024

Leaders, entrepreneurs, artists, working professionals, creators, and growth enthusiasts 🌐 from diverse fields will converge at the ‘REINVENT YOURSELF 2024’ summit, promising a day that sets the tone for a transformative year ahead. This one-day event aims to catalyze inspiration, foster collaboration, and ignite the collective drive to make 2024 a landmark year of personal growth, transformation, and positive change. 🌈

Join us for an event that sparks the fire of personal evolution.”
“Discover the alchemy of self-change in a gathering designed to ignite your personal transformation with a leading speaker and transformational coach Alexandra Molina from South America and Anand Narayanan from Pune.

You will Connect, Discover, Celebrate and Reinvent Yourself with a community of like minded people.

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Conscious Living Retreat

2 Days of Amplified Growth, Deep connections and Memories of a lifetime with a like-minded community

About the Retreat


Holistic Well Being

Fun Games and Activities

Experiential Learning

Becoming Aware of Yourself

Immerse Into Nature

Top 10 Reasons to Attend

You will connect with incredible people

Assured Trigger in Transformation for Self Growth

You will have loads of fun

Lifetime membership with Conscious Living Tribe

You will experience transformational learnings at a paradise location

Unique Training methodology with experiential learning

Best Industry Experts

Post-Summit Email and Phone assistance for the participants

Completion Certificates for all the participants

Online learning materials for growth and transformation