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Helping people achieve peak performance, happiness, clarity , fulfillment and a sense of belonging with science and spirituality.

Who we are

Mental health is a human right, not a privilege.

Who we are

Conscious Living is a sister venture of the global consulting company Anika Technologies. Participants spread across over 148 countries have been learning from us. We enable outliers seeking to transform and evolve to be the finest versions of themselves while designing their life consciously. We bring intrinsically curated programs/events for our clients that are backed by Science , Spirituality and Systems.

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What we offer

Popular Programs

Conscious Living Mentorship Program

The Conscious Living Mentorship Program is for people to design their life consciously with peak performance, clarity, happiness, fulfillment, and a sense of belonging.

Personal transformation by breaking addictions

Have an amplified experience of life without harmful addictions and learn the art of achieving peak performance, happiness, clarity, fulfillment, and a sense of belonging.


The Yoga Therapy program is a holistic approach to healing that combines traditional yoga practices with modern therapeutic techniques.

Focusing on you, with the best holistic approach.

Certified Experts to Hand-hold You

Dedicated therapists, counsellors, coaches and teachers will be assigned to you based on your challenges.

Science and Spirituality

We use the combination of modern science and ancient traditional practices to form the perfect blend in your healing process.

Ground Breaking Techniques

We use some powerful techniques in various modalities of Meditations, Breathworks, NLP, Psychology , Counselling and Therapy which is backed by research and has worked for millions of people.

What they say

Abhishek Prasad
    Abhishek Prasad


    Hi, my name is Abhishek. I met Anand virtually after seeing his posts. In the first session he spoke about the different mental states and that intrigued me to signup for the full course. The experience has been phenomenal. My career revolves around Innovation and startups and only after the session I was able to understand my obsessive pattern in dealing with situations. The session not only helped me identify the obsessive pattern but also gave important techniques and framework to think and execute my work effectively and effortlessly. Today I'm much more relaxed and in control of my decisions which is showing in my growth as well. In just 2 months I was able to turnaround the whole process and this has give me much better opportunities at work. Suggest all entrepreneurs to follow Anand to be better leaders devoid of obsessive decision making.

    Trupti Landage
      Trupti Landage

      Global LND Head

      Anand the program you have created is really magic. I practice the rituals you shared and trust me it is bliss! I was so disturbed but now I feel so much better. The way you explain by understanding the other person and giving them their own examples is the best part about you. I could actually relate when you gave me my own examples. The exercises you gave work wonders. Your sessions are very insightful. The results are priceless. Lot of gratitude to you!

      Aditya Desai
        Aditya Desai

        Global LND Head

        The program is awesome! Lots to think about. Learned a lot. After a long time I have been feeling peaceful after waking up else I would have severe anxiety issues. My alcohol also has gone down to barely anything from drinking almost every day.

        Sanaz Arabian
          Sanaz Arabian


          Conscious Living has helped me gain complete clarity in my life and has given me the tools to combat challenges and stress in life. I have been very grateful for my mental and emotional growth I have had ever since I did the program. I would highly recommend this program to all those who are going through immense stress, anxiety or depression.


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          How it works

          Easy Step to Get Awesome Service

          At its core, conscious living involves cultivating a deep understanding of oneself, one’s relationships, and one’s surroundings.


          Consultations in conscious living are designed to provide individuals with guidance and support on their journey towards a more intentional and fulfilling life. A Certified Expert in Conscious Living may offer consultations in various formats, such as one-on-one sessions, group workshops, or online coaching.

          Choose Package

          When working with a Certified Expert in Conscious Living, individuals may have the option to choose from different packages, depending on their needs and preferences. These packages typically offer different levels of support and resources, at varying price points. For example, a basic package may include a set number of coaching sessions, a workbook, and access to online resources.

          Get Service

          To get service in conscious living, individuals can start by researching and identifying a Certified Expert in Conscious Living who offers services that match their needs and preferences. This can be done through online directories, word of mouth recommendations, or other sources.

          Our Team

          He has an amazing team of teachers, therapists and experts.

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          Companies who trust us

          Companies who trust us